Sally Melville Knitter's Retreat





AUGUST 25th & 26th, 2012



Bestselling author and knitwear designer Sally Melville will be conducting a two-day knitter's retreat in destination resort town of Whitefish, Montana.  If you haven't been to Whitefish before, this is a perfect opportunity to plan a vacation for the whole family.  With Glacier National Park, a plethora of scenic golf courses, fly fishing galore, Flathead and Whitefish Lake, and miles and miles of hiking and biking trails nearby,  there is definitely something to do for each member of your family.

The retreat itself will be held at the intimate and cozy Kandahar Lodge at Whitefish Mountain Resort.  We have reserved a block of rooms at great rates.  When you call to book, please specify that you are coming for Sally's Knitting Retreat and you'll be given the following discounted rates:

Click here  information about the following rooms.

  • Hotel Rooms:  $125.00 per night
  • Studios: $140.00 per night
  • Lofts:  $155.00 per night
  • Kitchen Loft:  $170.00 per night

HOTEL RESERVATIONS:  (406) 862-6098

Summertime activities at the resort include A Walk in the Treetops, Zip Line Tours, an Alpine Slide and more.  For more information about planning a trip to Whitefish, Montana, visit our Chamber of Commerce website.



 Purchase all three workshop tickets for one low price of $250.00 or purchase individual tickets at $75.00 per 3-hour workshop and $150.00 per 6-hour workshop.    Follow us on Facebook/polkadotsheep, Twitter, and/or Ravelry  for the latest details on this exciting event.  Watch our blog to learn more about Sally Melville and upcoming Sally Melville knit alongs.




Why We Knit - Ticketed Event (tickets are FREE)

To kick off our grand weekend, we invite anyone and everyone to come by the Knit 'n Needle between 5:30 - 6:30pm, you will however, need a FREE ticket.  If you've already purchased event tickets, you are already on our guest list.  Please do, though, call to confirm you will be joining us.  If you are not able to attend any retreat workshops on Saturday or Sunday, we'd still love for you to join us for Sally's talk on Why We Knit.  Simply stop by the Knit 'n Needle to pick up a FREE ticket.

Book Signing - Everyone welcome

Sally will be signing books (which we have in stock) from 6:30-8:00 pm.  Everyone is welcome to stop by for refreshments, meet Sally, buy a book, and have it signed.  We hope you will join us for this rare opportunity.




FIRST CHOICES, BASIC SHAPES - 3 hours - 9:00 am - 12:00 - $75.00 (get discounted rate when you purchase all three tickets.  See EVENT TICKETS for details)

No matter how advanced or experienced we are, we run the risk of making a garment that looks awful. Why? We make decisions in the first 20 minutes that have everything to do with the success or failure of a project. What are those decisions? Yarn, color, stitch pattern, silhouette.

This workshop gives diagnostic skills to look at these decisions. And it then follows with basic pattern drafting. So even if you never design your own knitting, you'll have the tools to alter what you do knit to produce the best possible result.

SKILL LEVEL:  anyone


KNIT TO FLATTER AND FIT - 3 hours - 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm - $75.00 (get discounted rate when you purchase all three tickets.  See EVENT TICKETS for details) 

A knitter who spends the time and energy to make her own clothes should be rewarded with a result that makes her happy and proud. It should fit, it should flatter, and there should be no mystery as to how this happened. But sadly, and too often, this is not the result. Why? Because the knitter chooses the wrong pattern OR chooses the right pattern but follows the directions without questioning them OR makes the right garment but wears it with the wrong thing.
There are a few simple rules to follow for successful knitting: start with styles that flatter, knit with appropriate decisions for a personalized fit, and then wear it with something that makes it look wonderful! This presentation looks at these decisions and puts the power for successful results into your competent hands. Yay!





ESSENTIAL SKILLS - 6 hours - 10:00 am - 4:00 pm - $150.00 (get discounted rate when you purchase all three tickets.  See EVENT TICKETS for details)

No matter how advanced and accomplished we are, there are habits or holes in our knitting repetoire. Perhaps we rely upon the same cast-on, the same increase, the same decrease. Perhaps we are not confident of our seaming or are confounded by the instruction to "pick up and knit 101 stitches around the neck edge . . .  evenly!"

This workshop explores and explains the many techniques we should all have in our repertoire. We'll talk about which choices are best suited to each situation and why, and we'll practice them all with lots of hands-on experience. 

SKILL LEVEL: beginner intermediate and beyond. (Very experienced knitters get a lot from this class, and so do newer knitters. But because the work covers skills related to garments, these newer knitters should probably have made a sweater--or else the work won't have a context.)




Some of Sally's bestsellers...




From Sally herself...

This is the space where you are to hear about me, Sally Melville—knitting designer / teacher / author. These spaces are usually written by people other than the person who is written about—for objectivity and all that good stuff. But I suspect what you’d then get is my story as told from the end and with all its ‘high points.’ And I don’t think that’s either inspiring or particularly truthful. Because while the ‘high points’ may define us (to the eyes of the world and in our obituaries), isn’t it really the early stuff with its ‘low points’ that make us who we are? So here are the truly important events that made me a knitting designer / teacher / author. (I’ll write about these in detail in my first five blog entries, but here are the bare bones.)

  1. As a young girl, I couldn’t get gauge so had to write my own patterns.
  2. As a young woman, I made a truly weird sweater that, when fixed, was oddly appealing . . . enough that I could begin selling my work.
  3. The subsequent purchase of a knitting machine taught me how much I truly did not know.
  4. I enrolled in a one-day, knitting design class . . . where everyone wanted to know about the sweater I was wearing (referred to in point 2) and where I was thrown out for passing notes (the pattern for the sweater referred to in point 2).
  5. Back to my knitting machine where my math and writing (both studied in university) got to work and taught me what that class should have.
  6. Soon enough I started my own knitting design class . . . from which no student would ever be thrown out! This became an ongoing group and then the K-W Knitters’ Guild.
  7. I developed more classes—to stay one step ahead of the guild members.
  8. One of our guest teachers pushed me into the light of the public of knitting world.
  9. In 1993 my husband died, and all knitting came to a halt. I took a job as Study Skills Advisor at my local university.
  10. But my daughter asked me to knit a sweater for her boyfriend. So I did—out of leftovers. And it became the centre piece of my first book: see Styles in books.
  11. Styles was wonderfully successful. But what would I do next?
  12. I had a desire to teach the world to knit. The result is The Knit Stitch, which sold really really well and probably led you to this website.

So thanks for coming. Keep in touch, play safe, and keep knitting!