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Baby Blankets and Lovies 2 (PDF)

PDS Publications

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Designs by Aimee Alexander

Having 3 toddlers has made me realize I can’t have too many blankets. (This is a great thing, too, because I love making them!) My kids use them for warmth and security in the crib, bed, stroller, and car seat. I use them for play mats, picnic blankets, nursing covers, and sometimes just as duvets or decoration in the bedrooms. More recently I discovered the delights of a lovie size version. I find them a pleasure to knit, and the babies and toddlers love them. My oldest daughter still assigns one lovie to each of her baby dolls.

In my experience, you just can’t have too many baby blankets! I hope you enjoy knitting these little treasures.

As a bonus, I’ve included a super quick, super cute, stash buster hat pattern.


Ebook includes:

  • Candyland
  • Crisscross Applesauce
  • Milesones
  • Mountain Chickadee
  • Sawing Logs
  • Bobbles for the Whole Family